Louis COLLARDEAU - Vice-President FFPLUM, President European Microlight Federation (EMF) - France

See and Be Seen is the new motto. To Be seen is as important as to See and Avoid.

SafeSky brings an additional tool: free, accessible, non-certified, and non-mandatory. Let's use it together!

Tim RIMEZ - Responsible Technical Directorate CAA - Belgium

The free SafeSky application is another piece of the puzzle to increase flight safety for VFR pilots. ...I was able to test the application and will certainly continue to use it.


Dirk SPITAELS - Motor plane pilot, glider pilot, and aeronaut - Belgium

…Knowing that my ground crew is always getting my real-time position is a great relief. They can assist me at the very moment I’m landing my hot air balloon. That’s is more than enough reason to download SafeSky on my Android phone as well as on my iPad.


Charles VANBIERVLIET - Airline pilot, microlight instructor - Belgium 

SafeSky is undoubtedly the tool that was missing on board in most microlights and other aircraft. 

Its ease of use and intuitive design greatly improve situational awareness. Despite a good lookout, we have all been surprised one day by converging traffic noticed relatively late.


Axel BAGOUET - Airline pilot and general aviation - Spain

SafeSky fills the "gaps" in the airspace (although covered by mobile telephony) by allowing you to "see and be seen". The traffic information is clear, precise, and without superfluous. A great step forward for flight safety in General Aviation.

Thank you and congratulations to the whole team!


Michel RIAZUELO (LFOU) - Aircraft pilot - France

The vast majority of light airplanes do not carry such safety equipment, but almost all of them have a smartphone or tablet. This opportunity to take a step forward in flight safety is not to be missed.


Mario BEECKMAN - Paramotor pilot - Belgium

I encountered a sports plane at the same altitude - he did not see me! That's scary enough to use SafeSky!


BNX – Former fighter pilot, airline, aircraft, and microlight pilot - Belgium

As a professional fighter pilot, airline pilot, and recreational pilot for almost 40 years, I use SafeSky on each of my private flights. This app is revolutionizing aviation safety and situational awareness.


Jean-Louis SAGE (LFLG) - Aircraft pilot - France 

This application for the detection and prevention of collisions in flight is very well designed and very easy to use! ... 

I was able to test it in mountainous regions and it's remarkably efficient; it keeps a very good signal up to 7,000", and even up to 12,500" in the Mont-Blanc massif!


Benoît MATHIEU (LFOU) - Microlight pilot - France

A big thank you to the SafeSky team for this great app that will improve everyone's safety in flight... Long live SafeSky and happy flying to all.