Making the sky the safest place on earth.

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SafeSky is a mobile application that allows you to visualise the sky users around you. 

Compatible with your other aeronautical applications, it indicates your presence anonymously to other pilots. 

Directly on your Smartphone or your tablet.

SafeSky doesn’t require any investment in expensive and bulky hardware. The application works directly on your Apple or Android device. 

SafeSky, more than just safety, it’s a community!

Although SafeSky’s priority is safety, flying is also a passion to be shared. Meet other people, who like you, are passionate about flying.

Why use SafeSky?

Watch our video to understand how SafeSky works when you are in the air and how the app will benefit you.

The community spirit
Optimal connectivity

Thanks to low power consumption technology, SafeSky ensures optimal and efficient connectivity. Your traffic information flows naturally through the mobile network and does not require any additional connection flow. 

The community spirit
Real-time positioning

During your flight, your position is continuously transmitted to other pilots/aircrafts. You can see and be seen in real time to anticipate and avoid collision risks.  

The community spirit
Community spirit

SafeSky is an application for all sky users. 
Whether you fly an ultralight, a hot-air balloon, a helicopter, a paramotor or a glider, with SafeSky, you share your passion and participate in safer skies together. 

Become a player for better safety in the sky.

By using SafeSky, you immediately see all the users in the sky. You share your passion and fly with peace of mind. 
Download SafeSky to broaden your horizons towards greater safety. 

Discover how SafeSky works.

  • When another sky user comes closer, a visual and audio alert is activated.

  • In map mode, get an overview of the surrounding traffic, and take a deeper look into the aircrafts for more information.

  • Easily localise your fellow pilots and send them predefined short messages. 


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    Share your position

  • check

    Access to SafeSky traffic & ADS-B, FLARM, OGN traffic

  • check

    Connected with SafeSky community

  • check

    Unlimited fellow pilots

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    Visualise & locate your fellow pilots

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    Create one aircraft

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    Map & radar mode view with alerts

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    Trace of its last flight including distance, average altitude, duration, etc.

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    Available in 40 countries in 6 different languages

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Early BirdsEarly Birds

€24.99 / year
  • checkAll free features
  • checkCompatibility with navigation software thanks to the GDL90 protocol
  • checkSquadron flight
  • checkUnlimited aircraft configurations
  • checkSend intercom messages to your fellow pilots
  • checkLocalise a flight from callsign
  • checkRecording of your flights, access to your flight log. Possible transfer of your tracks (GPX and KML)
  • checkDirect participation in SafeSky's development via VIP forum access
  • checkAnd much more to come...
  • Koen Milis

    Director General (DGTA/DGLV)

    …Seeing and being seen in the lower airspace is a major challenge due to the increasing variety of aircraft. This solution can therefore increase safety. The fact that this is done without any additional cost to the user is highly appreciated by DGTA/DGLV.

  • Jean-Christophe Gibert

    Head of Safety and Training - FFPLUM

    After about thirty hours of flying with SafeSky, we can only encourage its use to prevent in-flight collisions...

  • Dominique Roland

    Head Policy, Innov., Knowledge (EASA)

    EASA is promoting the use of iConspicuity devices, and is welcoming the proposal of SafeSky. We hope that this kind of initiative will contribute to raise the awareness of General Aviation airspace users concerning the risk of mid-air collision.


    Whether it’s blue, grey or orange, the sky is always there, above our heads. 

    When we are up there, our mind is fully engaged, aware of all the sensations it provides. 

    A reflection of intensity, immensity and freedom! There is a purity in the sky that we should all see. 
    What our eyes observe is only visible if our mind can safely surrender to it. 

    We can all see it, which is why we have committed to make it the safest place on earth.